I write fiction, poetry, and essays [if you add in$piration to the mix, I’d be glad to write plays, screenplays, vr proposals, and video game narratives].

Working on first-novel, a picaresque.

Tidal Economics is a collection of verse (ruled and unruled) arguments concerning the matters of dog worship, skull worship, vanity, working crap jobs, car crashes, baby-making, going to the beach, and the effects of the moon on personal finance.


Tidal Economics, paperback, pocket-sized, approximately 48 pp.
Order print version, here.


HOTHOUSE, 2011. poems & collage. 84 pages. Free download available here. 

“Recently, when I saw Kerschen read in Houston, he was accompanied by an opera singer, a six-year-old, a video installation and a smoke machine. As you might expect, he’s a gifted showman. That said, the possible Kerschen’s referring to doesn’t allude to stagecraft or even poetry, per se. Kerschen’s more ambitious than that. He wants to trick his readers into reconsidering what is possible. It’s a soft sell. “Salvation sells itself,” these poems seem to say. “All I do is the paperwork.” Jon Lindsey, HTML GIANT.

“Hot Trash” column in the Houston Press. They told me it had to mention music. So I did. Some examples here.

Muscling Out, from Martin Zet‘s Saluto Romano, 2008. A brief essay about weightlifters and pet resemblances.

Secret Museum of Mankind, essay accompanying Donna Huanca‘s exhibition of the same name, Women and Their Work, Austin, TX, 2008.

Made in Palestine, essay accompanying the exhibition of the same name
Station Museum, Houston, TX, 2003.

Selected Fiction
The Story of an Arm and a Leg, 3rd Bed, issue #4, 2001. Yes, it is old, but it holds up, more or less, so I’m sharing it with you.
Heat That Doesn’t Warm, Fiction International, 2000. 21 years ago I encapsulated my ethos.