I’m a writer.

Here’s a portfolio of my recent work:

If you’re reading this, you may be curious, you may be bored, you may be a bot, feeding on the unbroken text in your haste to ruin the universe.In any case, you need consultation.  Here are some things I do: writing: long-form; short-form; koans & exhortations; essays, creative and factical; interviews; letters to the delinquent, letters to the lonely-hearted; business writing, including copywriting, abstracts, treatments, coverage, pitches, public relations, and, if you truly need it, powerpoint.
more eyes
Research: print, digital, and person-on-the-street.
Editing and proofreading.
Public speaking and presentations, lectures, readings, and seminars.
Music production, songwriting, sound design, film scoring, consultation, and referrals.
Art direction, consultation, and referrals.
Video production and referrals.

Certified fire-watch and confined space attendant.


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