NEW STUDDED LEFT/STUDDED INTL album lp vinyls in progress. ETA late Fall 2023.

December 30, 2023. Studded Left (lp release/pre-release party) with Twisted Wires, Llora, White Oak Music Hall, Houston, TX.

October 14, 2023. A Garden Party feat Studded INTL, In Spite of Dreams, with performances by Ciriza and art by DK Ultra. Location by request, Houston, TX.

May 5, 2023. Studded Left (opening) for In Spite of Dreams, Container, Future Blondes, and Rick Weaver, the White Swan, Houston, TX.

Art dogs, come see new work by one of the best American artists: Mike Hollis (April 29 at MSK).

Art dogs, I have a collage in this exhibition –>

March 4, 2023, Studded Left at the Festival of the Beautiful, 8:30 pm, Galveston Artist Residency, Galveston, TX.

January 20, 2023. Studded Left with Night Drive, White Oak Music Hall.

November 19, 2022. Studded Left with Pale Dian, Acid Carousel, Wooden Earth, India Tigers in Texas, and Raudiver at Third Eye Land festival, at Galveston Island Brewing.

October 13, 2022. Studded Left with K23, Zen Hander at Nite School’s 11th Anniversary Party at Cheer Up Charlie’s

September 9, 2022. Studded Left with Cop Warmth, D Sablu, Spplif at Bohemeo’s, 708 Telephone Road, Houston, TX.

May 28, 2022. Studded Left with Bill Converse, In Spite of Dreams, and Future Blondes at the Orange Show. 5pm to 10 pm. STUDDED at 8.

May 8, 2022. 3pm-6pm. Re: Tempt/Contempt exhibition featuring Ciriza, Jean Daye, Domokos, Alexandra Lechin, Phillip Pyle II, Jon Read. Curated by Danny Kerschen and Pete Gerson at the Orange Show.

March 5, 2022. Studded Left with Still Shadow, and the Wiggins at the White Swan.

November 15, 2021. S.T.U.D.D.E.D. Left with Flender, Ficshun, Flesh Narc, and Wolf Eyes at Red Dwarf. Show starts early on a Monday.

August 7, 2021, Studded LEFT at the Red Dwarf anniversary party at Red Dwarf, Houston, TX, with Attxla performing live, djs to get the party going, and vendors to keep you satisfied and dressed.

July 10, 2021, LEATHER UPPERS double birthday party
featuring Studded Left, Gerritt Wittmer, Phil Spectral @ the Arc House, 1008 Edwards, Houston, TX.

Feb 20, 2021, Plague interrupted by the total failure of the state of Texas and its infrastructure. Millions forced to huddle, swaddled to preserve body heat, drinking snow melt-off when possible in order that an elite group of mythomaniacal plutocrats could continue to avoid paying maintenance fees. The world looks on, aghast, concerned, and embarrassed.

Plague continues, 2021. By this time, the death rate has soared, the infection rate needle has jumped off the record, and most social and economic forums have reopened for business, except music venues, dance clubs, and outdoor basketball courts.

Which is a good thing, because underground rock concerts have long been known, if not reported, to be superspreader events, and no one wants to see me shooting hoops.

While we’re out on a plague-distorted vision quest, you could take courage from the courage of Angela Davis:

We spent the past 40 days in the wilderness, in dusty painters masks, speechless, and without human touch. Beside one hard trail we found a cd-r in bad shape; it looked local, so we picked it up to save the crows the heartache.

This is that cd-r… on the face was scribbled “Sidewalk Vitamins,” by the Studded Left.

Tex Kerschen: Baggy Fictions reading
@ Venal Books, Houston, TX

Danny Kerschen and Heath Flagtvedt closing reception
featuring live sign spinners performance
Sunday March 8, 5-7pm.

February 22, 2020, 7 pm, GALVESTON ARTIST RESIDENCY
Galveston, TX

WORLD’S WORST DJs at the DISTANT WORKER cd release party
February 21, 2020, 9pm, Big Star Bar, Houston, TX

Saturday, February 8, 6-9 pm
Tex Kerschen and Civic TV present:
Danny Kerschen and Heath Flagtvedt
at B.S. Projects, 4540 West 34th Street, Houston, TX 77092
featuring live music by Studded Left and Darsi.

January 18, 2020, Studded Left
with Gerritt Wittmer, Rough Sleepers, Future Blondes
at Rudyard’s, Houston, TX

October 4, 2019, Studded Left
with Deep Cross, Moze Pray, Dans Votre Monde
at Mekong Underground (by Khon’s)

July 5, 2019, Studded Left, djs Andy V., Fifi Bitcoin
at Axelrad, Houston, Texas

June 18, 2019, Studded Left, Vol, Weed Alien
at Starline Social Club: Crystal Cavern, Oakland, CA

June 21, 2019, Studded Left, DVA Damas, dj Jimi Hey
at Zebulon, Los Angeles, CA

May 31st, 2019, Studded Left’s Popular Intuition lp release
at Notsuoh, Houston, Texas
with Vockah Redu, Gerritt Wittmer, Chalk

with CHALK
February 23 2019


Bang Heads from lazy mollow on Vimeo.

Tex Kerschen and Erika Thrasher, with Smokey Emery, Pod Blotz
December 1, 2018 at Flatland Gallery, Houston, TX, 9pm

STUDDED 2, frequent flyers and ambassadors for the STUDDED LEFT group to the world, have agreed to appear at Zebulon, Los Angeles, Saturday August 11, 2018, with Tropic of Cancer, Pod Blotz, and Peaking Lights DJs.

May 10, 2018, Studded 2 (Tex Kerschen + Erika Thrasher) at Axelrad, Houston, TX
with Actual Figures, Rough Sleepers.

May 11, 2018, Studded 2 (Tex Kerchnen + Erika Thrashr) at Cheer Up Charlies, Austin, TX
with Actual Figures, Suspirians.

Studded 2 at Levitation, April 27, 2018, at Empire Control Room, Austin, TX

February 24, 2018, closing reception for “Swine” at Civic TV.
Music by Tex Kerschen + Erika Thrasher. 8pm. Free.

January 20-Feb 28, 2018. Tex Kerschen: Swine at Civic TV.

February 3, 2018, Tex Kerschen + Erika Thrasher at the Galveston Artist Residency
Festival of the Beautiful, with Mariana Kunst Fascion, DJ Distant Worker (and a parade).

November 3, 2017, Tex Kerschen + Erika Thrasher @ D & W Lounge
with Narcons, Collin Hedrick.

October 26, 2017, 6:30pm, Houston, TX, at Contemporary Arts Museum
Tex Kerschen and Erika Thrasher,
(formerly Pleasure 2), perform at Texas Noise and Ambience
with ADJHEM, Secret Sands, Chin Xaou Ti Won, Aisen CC, Ak’Chamel.

June 14, 2017, STUDDED LEFT’s Western Groove premiere
A 6 track, maxi-single/micro-album by way of a web-based seminar on free glam and how to love yourself more completely, available across the matrix.

September 27, 2017, 7pm,  Houston, TX, Civic TV
Tex Kerschen performs a text and other minimalist readings
with Gerritt Wittmer, IDM Theft Able

September 21, Austin, TX, STUDDED LEFT @ Barracuda
with Lake of Fire, DJ Al Lover, The Well, Troller, Psychic Ills, The Warlocks

September 22, Houston, TX, STUDDED LEFT @ Walters
with Psychic Ills, Jeweled Snakes, Fantasy 1 dj.

September 15, 7pm, Houston, TX, Tex Kerschen + Erika Thrasher @ Vinal Edge
with Tee Vee. Free.

Sept 1, 8:30pm, Houston, TX, STUDDED LEFT @ Rudyard’s
Flood Relief Benefit (early show due to curfew) with ST-37, Kai/Ros.
All proceeds go to Hurricane Harvey relief.

August 19, 2017, Austin, TX, STUDDED LEFT at the Electric Church
with Future Blondes, How I Quit Crack, ST-37

August 5, 2017, Brooklyn, NY, STUDDED LEFT at Secret Project Robot
with SSPS, DJ Harrison Owen, DJ Mauricio Menjivar

July 14, 2017, Houston, TX, STUDDED LEFT at Walter’s Downtown
with Elysia Crampton, Rabit x H.O.K., Total Abuse, B L A C K I E, Rough Sleepers, DJ Disaro

May 4, Austin, TX, STUDDED LEFT with Adult. at the Sidewinder.
May 5, Dallas, TX, STUDDED LEFT with Adult. at Three Links.

March 17, 2017, Tex Kerschen’s Zone Control at Walter’s Downtown, Houston, TX,
with This Saxophone Kills Fascists, AK’Chamel, B L A C K I E, Sandy Ewen.

February 26, 2017, Oakland, CA, Studded Left (portable) matinee at the Nightlight
with Weed Alien, Hiss & Hum, PKGD.

February 18, 2017, Galveston, TX, Studded Left (Beautiful People) early rave and d-i-y parade with Vockah Redu at Galveston Artist Residency, free, 6pm.


February 11, 2017, Houston, TX, Studded Left at Civic TV
with Rough Sleepers, Gerritt Wittmer, Erotic Tangerines (LA)

November 18, 2016, Houston, TX, Pleasure 2 at Walter’s Downtown
with Troller, AK Chamel, Trillblazers.

October 20, 2016, Houston, TX Pleasure 2 at Arlo’s Ballroom
with Andrew Lee, dj sets from Studded Mary, Andy V., Kenny Evans, and World’s Worst Deejays.


Tidal  Economics available for the time being as an e-book.
You could also buy a printed copy here.

September 23, Houston, TX, Pleasure 2 at Walter’s Downtown
with Frog Hair (album release party), Gerritt Wittmer and the New Unknowns.


August 12, Houston, TX, Pleasure 2 at the Alley Kat
with The Rebel, Spray Paint, Cop Warmth.


July 7, Houston, TX, Pleasure 2 at Walter’s Downtown
with Bill Converse, Miguel Flaco, Villain, Fashionweek, Pfaffenberg.

June 11, San Antonio, TX, Studded Left at K23 with Al Lover.

May 20, Los Angeles, CA, Pleasure 2 at HM157 with MRK, Vum.


April 28, Austin, TX, Studded Left at Empire Garage, Levitation Kickoff
with Golden Dawn, Night Beats, Ringo Deathstarr.

April 26, Studded Left at Walters
with SSPS, Miguel Flago, Maramuresh, Bill Converse, Tiago Varjao, John Calero.

April 2, Self Actualization presents Heath Flagtvedt: Mystery Meat, 3401 Harrisburg (former Imperial Linen Services), 6-11pm. Free.

April 1, Pleasure 2 at Satellite
with The Wiggins, Distant Worker. TheWiggins cassette release.

March 12, Pleasure 2 at Black Barbie (Retro Death 1).

do th

No one knows for certain
if he ate rat
or only thought he did.

No one knows if good looks
will take you all the way
by themselves. Charm
also plays a hand.

I won’t even tell you
if I think I’m any good
at what I do.

February 27, Indian Jewelry at Walter’s with Skullflower, Rusted Shut, Rosemary Malign, Cop Warmth (Bad Ass Weekend IV). 8pm.

February 13, Pleasure 2 with Gerritt Wittmer and Consumer Electronics, at Notsuoh.

January 9, 2016, Indian Jewelry at Mohawk Austin, free.

d4nDecember 19, 2015, 5:30 pm, Indian Jewelry at Day For Night, Houston
with Future Blondes, BOAN, Millenial Grave, Psychic TV, New Order, Prince Rama, B L A C K I E, Hearts of Animals, Holly Herndon, Death Grips, Kendrick Lamar, Amanda Lepore, and many more.

December 26, Pleasure 2 at Hotel Vegas, Austin.

November 28, 7 pm at Silver Street studios: Pleasure 2.

October 17, 2015, Houston, TX Pleasure 2 at Erase Errata’s Final Show with Black Kite, AK’Chamel

Friday, August 28, 2015, Indian Jewelry “Doing Easy” album release party at Walter’s
with Vockah Redu!

EU_2015_Poster 2


Friday, July 24, 2015, Pleasure 2 at Alley Kat with Chain and the Gang, Vacation Eyes

June 13, Pleasure 2 @ Seize the Beat, (Alley Kat) Houston, TX
w/ Miguel Flaco, Buoyant Spirit

May 25, Pleasure 2 @ Walter’s, Houston, TX,
with AK’Chamel, the Holydrug Couple

May 8, Indian Jewelry @ Levitation/Austin Psych Fest, Austin, TX.

May 6, Indian Jewelry @ Fitzgerald’s Houston, TX
w/ Ariel Pink

April 28, Coxcombs @ Mango’s, Houston, TX
w/ CCR Headcleaner, Cop Warmth

April 10, Pleasure 2 @ ESP TV on tour at Civic TV Collective, Houston, TX
w/ Darktown Strutters, How I Quit Crack.

April 4, Pleasure 2 @ Fitzgerald’s, Houston, TX
presented by Civic TV & Psychic Claw
w/ AK’Chamel, Pfaffenberg, Millenial Grave

March 6, Indian Jewelry @ Mango’s, Houston, TX
with Future Blondes, Pod Blotz, How I Quit Crack, Skullcaster.

February 20, Pleasure 2 @ Walter’s, Houston, TX
with the Mydolls, Vast Majority.
February 13, Pleasure 2 @ Civic TV Collective, Houston, TX
at the opening ceremonies for


January 17, Indian Jewelry at Have A Heart festival, Tree’s Lounge, Dallas, TX.

Ian James: In the Caverns of Your Mind
Ian James: In the Caverns of Your Mind

January 9-11, Ian James: In the Caverns of Your Mind, at Self Actualization, 2800 San Jacinto, HTX.

November 21-23, 2014, Heath Flagtvedt: New Body
at Self Actualization, 2800 San Jacinto, 4th Floor, Houston, Texas.
Nov 21: Opening 8-12 pm.
Nov 22: Poetry from Meghan Martin, Michelle Oakes and Chris Hutchinson, 6 pm.
Nov 23: Yoga and Guided meditation.

haf letters only

December 12, 2014, Indian Jewelry at the Mohawk, Austin, Texas
with Ringo Deathstarr, Survive, Missions
December 13, 2014, Pleasure 2 at Hotel Vegas, Austin, Texas
with Future Blondes, How I Quit Crack


October 31, 2014. Pleasure 2 with Future Blondes, Ioman, DJ Bad Bones
at Civic TV Collective, Houston, TX.

It has been a while since we left the house. So many questions…
Does my laughing draw attention to my crow’s feet?
Is it safe out there?
Did I need to eat the whole basket of fried okra?
Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?

October 11, Indian Jewelry at Vinal Edge, Houston.
7 pm free show with Brett Taylor.


September 27, Pleasure 2 at Multi-Kulti, Chicago
with Running, Hagface, Ono, Soupcans.


September 28, Indian Jewelry at the Owl, Chicago
with Disappears, Melkbelly.


September 19/20/21, 2014, 8-12 pm,  “Tex Kerschen’s Please Yourself” 17 Artists You Can’t Live With Out at Self Actualization, 2800 San Jacinto, 4th floor, Houston.

September 6, 2014. Pleasure 2 at Mango’s with Spiritual Bat, Future Blondes.

August 15, 2014, Houston, TX, Pleasure 2 at Mango’s with Astrogenic Hallucinauting, B L A C K I E, DJs Calero, Cordova, Disaro, parking lot show.

July 31, 2014, Houston, TX, Indian Jewelry at Fitzgerald’s with B L A C K I E, Jana Hunter, Wicked Poseur.

July 30, 2014, Houston, TX, Pleasure 2 at Mango’s with Cool Piss, Spare Bones,  Flesh Lights.

June 1, 2014, 11:30 a.m, Pleasure 2 at Free Press Summer Fest, Houston, TX.

February 22, 2014, PLEASURE 2 at Gallery Homeland, Houston, TX
with Future Blondes, MKF, Millenial Grave, Mephedrone, T.E.F., Reptilian Sexual Predator, Postule
djs Kangaroo Sexy and Calero.

January 10, 2014, PLEASURE 2 at MHA, Austin, TX
with God’s Gun, B L A C K I E, dj Sam De La Rosa.

December 19, 2013, Indian Jewelry at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX.

December 13, 2013, Pleasure 2 at Cardoza Fine Art, Houston, TX with Subsonic Voices.

December  12, 2013, “Against Music” lecture, part of the 20 Hertz music appreciation series at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX.

September 12, 2013, PLEASURE 2 at Hotel Vegas, Austin, TX with Spraypaint, Shit N’ Shine, Ghetto Ghouls.

June 8, 2013, THRASCHEN at Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX.

September 29, 2012. The Sound of Speech: Interpretation Session 1 @ Reverse Space, Brooklyn, NY.

A solo music performance (electronics & voice), part of an exhibition and performance series organized by Maria Chavez in which selected artists interpreted concrete poems by other artists. I interpreted “Frolic Architecture” by Susan Howe.
knocking you sideways with my clean lines

May 28, 2012, I dream of a threesome @ Splatterpool, Brooklyn NY
A reading as part of a series of exhibitions organized by J-Morrison.

October 11, 2011 at DiverseWorks, Houston, TX.
A reading from “Tidal Economics” concerning the subjects of dog worship, skull worship, work, finance, car crashes, baby-making, and finding the bottom.