Live Tweeting: the Island of Dr Moreau (1996) prt 1 on youtube.

Opens strong with opening with the fighting and stabbing in the life raft and subsequent shark action. Main conplaint so far, the 240 pixel resolution leaves a lot of the mise en scene ambiguous at best.

Enter Val Kilmer, adopting the bedroom voice of Jim Morrison wooing Pam (pre-freakout obv.) Island appears in a very pixelated mist.

Truthfully, with the low res, I am having a difficult time telling the actors apart. I think I see a cage full of chickens. They might be rabbits.

Clarification, they’re bunnies.

Brit addresses the bunny “what’s going on in your head?” I’m pretty sure that is foreshadowing.

Whoa, heavy breathing.

… entering some sort of military/medical complex

definitely an apocalypse now vibe as they enter the plantation house/sports bar?

not a sports bar

basically, we’re all waiting on brando right now


whoa, back to the beat. there’s a goth chick dancing to dead can dance. she was startled by the brit.

he just admitted he’s from england. the goth chick has only read about england in books.

something weird is going on. val kilmer was “watching” the brit put the moves on the goth. kilmer had some flower in his mouth (i don’t know what that means.)

kilmer is playing the dennis hopper character from apoc now, but smooth.


now the brit has been locked up in a cell

he’s broken out now thanks to a helpful paperclip

violin music and monster sounds

now he’s entered warhol’s factory but it is full of caged animals

mostly big, and brown, it is pretty hard to tell

ps, we’re in part III now on youtube

if you want to keep up


omg i don’t know how to tell you this, but a woman just birthed some kind of monster

the baby has cat eyes


“there’s a lot of unstable phenomena out there”


the brit is escaping with fairuza from the craft

pursued by blurry monsters

humanoid, from their posture

a flippin werewolf on the river!


a dead bunny, that’s why all the bunnies earlier


“he’s a five-finger man like you” (that’s going on my resume.)

the troll is angrily beating bushes with a club

o man, it is getting weirder and weirder, a lot of little beast men running hither and thither around the remains of a plane, AND I HEAR BRANDO!

my bad, that wasn’t brando. some goatman preaching, but it sounded like brando.

brando looks dessicated, like crowley, but he’s got a sweet soundsystem in his ride


plot has thickened, douglas has a gun (by brando’s orders) and he’s threatening the animal men. what’s up with brando’s glasses? he looks like lucille bluth

and pizza the hut combine


now they’ve all retired to a barber shop to talk

a lot of polite introductions, things are calming down


douglas is pointing at people, rather rude

brando seems pretty calm still, he’s explaining that his creatures are animals fused with human genes, but the brit thinks he’s being satanic, and now brando is quoting the bible and the brit is still being kind of jumpy

brando has a mini-me, and they’re both playing pianos scaled to their relative sizes (and stacked)

pretty good

there’s like a beatnik poetry jam going on.

that’s YEATS!


the brit guy, douglas, has kind of a snide johnny rotten vibe. very disrespectful in my opinion

“well, i don’t see how any of this specious nonsense justifies these monstrous disfigurements.”


LUNCH BREAK- STAY TUNED IN 30 as we continue.

Phew, back from lunch. Before I dive back into it, I’ve got to say that there is a lot of heady philosophical stuff going on in the movie, and I’m probably leaving some of it out in my recaps. So I really recommend just logging into youtube and watching this for yourself.


Scandal: meat in eden. val kilmer’s character has killed a bunny, and had the chef serve it at the table. end scene.


worth mentioning; brando’s turban is “jamaican me crazy.”



he’s been surrounded by bat/rat boys


this is getting grim


daytime, a trial… Brando is back in action in his all his sun block. kilmer has a nice selection of shades. the animal waiters and the wild animals are facing off.


the cheetah man tried to attack marlon, but he was deflected from his agenda by some sort of magic. the cheetah man grunts “father” before being beheaded!


it is worth remembering that the film was released in 1996, also the year that celebrated the cloning of the sheep, dolly. it gives the human animal cloning theme in the movie a real “torn from the headlines” feeling.


i can’t even begin to tell you what the baboon man just did, mostly because it was too blurry.


revealed, kilmer is giving them a cocktail of amphetamines, morphine, and shrooms.

by them i mean the beast people.


the hyena man just removed his electroshock implant — kilmer has grabbed a rifle, now this is turning into a big hunt! on the beach, on foot and in the jeeps, use the satellite, whatever it takes.


statement, the brit was brought to the island, and there’s no way off.


stay cool tip: brando wears an ice-bucket for a hat.


revealed: fairuza is brando’s creation, and she’s coming apart at the seams.



the beast people are in the house, playing piano, badly i must say.


This really is just like apocalypse now 2. coppola wishes he had been offered the helm instead of frankenheimer.


Kurtz/moreau is explaining the distinction between schoenberg’s 12-tone music and that of george gershwin.


disquisition on the origins of the law in pain

i have a hunch that now that the beast people have devoured brando, things are going to be a little different in eden.

The beasts have gone all lord of the flies and burned the boat. No way off for real now bro.

moral: we have to be what we are. That’s right ram dude.

i saw that boat burning, how on earth is it still sea-worthy?


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