Interview with Michael McFadden, Free Press Houston.
“I am drawn to things that exude a dynamic of powerful uselessness. Borges… the Museum of Jurassic Technology… Tristram Shandy… the signage at taquerias.”

Review of Indian Jewelry at Austin Psych Fest, LA Record.
“…the beautiful man backing her (I assume that’s her baby daddy, Tex Kerschen) is so stoic and mysterious, it makes me want to live the rest of my life in assless chaps, only crawling out from one of his big amplifiers at night to serve him onion rings”

Interview with John Alfone, Houston Press.
“Maybe music is finally catching on in Europe…”

Review of Hothouse by Jon Lindsey in HTMLGIANT.

Interview with Andrew Dansby, Houston Chronicle.
In which we discuss “Peel It” in relation to Socrates, Zizek, and other totalitarians.

Interview with Odd Hours.
In which we discuss some of the places we have recorded records and refer to ourselves as “empty inside… a bunch of walking lampshades.”

Interview with Ramon Medina, Free Press Houston
In which we wax bitter about working a soul-destroying warehouse job as well as the kind of shitbags that ruin everything.

Interview with Revolt of the Apes

Interview with Dangerous Minds
In which we allude to our aversion toward social-climbing.

Interview with Dallas Observer
In which we discuss working vs waiting, and the demerits of rehearsing.

Peel It, review by Jeremy Hart, Space City Rock

10 Cool & Cheap Weekenders, Chris Gray, Houston Press
In which we are once


Show preview in Dallas Observer

Creative Loafing Atlanta

Interview with Spinner / Aol
Wherein we ramble.


Interview with Nick Courtright, Austinist


Show review by Eric Springer, 29-95

Interview with Paper Kills Trees (Berlin)


A Hard Band to Get a Bead On, Miles Raymer, Chicago Reader 2008

The Primal Rock’N’Roll of Indian Jewelry, Paul Hanford, Dazed and Confused

Interview with Matthew Everett, Metro Pulse

Interview with Linda Rapka, District Weekly

Houston Toilers, Now Toronto


Oh Hells Yes, Jeff Weiss, LA Weekly

Interview with Olivia Flores Alvarez, Houston Press

In which we say: “Our audience is about three people and they’re pretty smart people, they’re savvy. But we have to say that because they’re our friends.”



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